We have the rare privilege of being at the centre of an ecosystem of clients that share several challenges and evolve in rapidly changing environments.

Revamping your brand is an opportunity to innovate, explore, and to dare to do more and better. Together, with all talent your organization has. And updating your brand can be done both with humility and conviction.

We firmly believe that a brand is a living thing; that means it must be cared for and maintained to continue being successful. It has been proven time and time again that great brands are those that manage to adapt to their ever-evolving markets and business contexts. They constantly evolving while remaining deeply attached to their roots.

The evolution of the Propage brand reflects what we accomplish on a daily basis for our clients and how we embody it ourselves. We took the time to understand who we are today and who we will be tomorrow. After all, we’ve been cultivating our brand for over 35 years—with consistency, coherence and conviction. We are proud of the result. We are even prouder of the journey it took to get here. Surprising ideas. Amazing new learnings. Limits that have been surpassed.

We’re embracing the road we’ve travelled and the road ahead. And we’ll continue doing so by walking the talk.

Enjoy the new version of our website!

Here is the new

Hasten slowly, and without losing heart, put your work twenty times upon the anvil.

This is how the poet and author Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux insisted on the importance of not hesitating to work and rework a project. Do the same for your brand: refine it, give it affection, enrich it. Just like the craftsman who works tirelessly and takes as much time as needed to create masterpieces.

The magic potion

Every day is for us a true laboratory of ideas. We explore for the better and for the benefit of our clients.

We are curious and observe major trends. We test concepts, approaches, processes, even technology platforms. It’s in our DNA.

We are always looking for the ‘most best’ recipe to make our clients more efficient, more convincing, more profitable.

Every single day, we refine our recipes. Thoroughly, skillfully, and with a healthy dose of boldness, we create what did not yet exist. Thirty years of experimenting have allowed us to create a true magic potion. Want to taste it? Just a drop!

Did you say D2C?

Digital transformation is more relevant than ever, including in B2B. Forerunners and visionaries have already taken steps in that direction. They are way ahead. Others gave it a try, but not quite enough or clumsily. Above-average results made them quit.

Many companies are still resisting to take control of their sales. Since direct sales were not really an option, they have relied upon a network of intermediaries. Now's the time for D2C—direct-to-consumer.

Delivering the goods right up to the end customer while preserving the user experience, the commitment and the touchpoints can be challenging for businesses that believe that the mere fact of having a transactional solution on their website will launch them on the road to success. Make sure you have a clear vision and an experienced partner to reduce the risk of errors.

WordPress: everything in moderation

Technology should always be used to better communicate with customers, and not the other way around. In no case should it hamper your creativity or agility in communicating with your target markets.

At Propage, we prefer certain technologies over others. The choice of WordPress as a website-creation tool demonstrates this. But beware: you have to know how to tame the beast.

This CMS (content management system)’s flexibility and accessibility make it very popular. It can bring its share of surprises, however, without the site owner or their customers being aware of it.

It is not uncommon for us to come to the rescue of a site built on WordPress based on a theme and modules that haven’t been updated in a long time or are simply no longer supported by the developer.

Too often, customers find themselves in a highly vulnerable situation and experience security breaches, or experience stability and display bugs or impaired functionality.

We choose a conservative approach to WordPress so that our clients gain peace of mind, knowing that they can count on a robust platform with no surprises. Caution and skill are key.

We maintain control of our sites developed on WordPress. We don’t use corrupted themes with unnecessary code. We only use stable and proven plugins. We take no risks. This is probably what decades of web design bring to the table. One less risk for us is one less problem for you. In the end, we always keep in mind the same promise—to deliver the goods!

The Sell MORE
& BETTER program: recognized for driving growth

To each their own recipe, their own business model, their own intervention strategy. As a digital communications agency, Propage begins with the end in mind. For our customers, a happy ending inevitably equates to a sale. One more sale or one more profitable sale, it depends.

Building on the two polarities of the +&> program, we measure success by the achievement of this ultimate goal. The sales strategies we implement with our clients are perfectly aligned with their plan. Communication and sales tools are aligned with overall business goals.