Recruit more and better

The MORE & BETTER program is intended for all entrepreneurs who see their growth constantly hampered by the lack of qualified employees. How is your recruitment going?

Tired of searching
for good people
without finding any?

For manufacturers, it's a real dead-end or even Groundhog Day. A lack of employees prevents them from supporting increasing demand. Lead times are getting longer and longer. And customers’ patience levels are waning thin. What else can you do? How do you explore other communication channels to find superstars? At Propage, we use strategies and new technology tools to give you the means to achieve your goals more efficiently.

Turnkey formula

The + & > program’s turnkey formula makes it possible to take the bull by the horns and deploy a real digital recruitment strategy. You’ll attract the candidates you deserve and establish a strong, distinct and authentic employer brand.

As a digital communication agency, we control all the links in the chain.
From A to Z, from H to R!

Let's spend a few minutes together.

Our HR strategists will show you in black and white the power of the +&> program and its tangible impact on your hiring strategies.

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Our integrated work approach will lead you to qualified candidates.

Recruit MORE will mean more applications for you, more quickly. Recruit BETTER will go hand in hand with better communication of your employer brand and better qualified candidates, determined to make a difference. Candidates who will contribute to the success of your company and your growth for a long time.