We are

When the Propage agency was founded in the fall of 1988, the word “Internet” meant nothing. A “click” was nothing more than a sound. Cell phones were rarely “smart.” Looking back in history, it was in the fall of 1988 that Steve Jobs launched the first NeXT computer. We were still a long way from the concept of “1000 songs in your pocket,” which would become a strong icon of the ensuing digital revolution. In 1988, graphic design took its first steps into the digital age. An online sale meant that the customer was on the other end of the phone. Social media as we know it wasn't even an idea. And it was still customary to submit information by fax.

When we founded the agency in the fall of 1988, we had a vision: we dreamed of one day measuring the quality of our work. This sense of responsibility has marked our history. And our history makes us who we are.

The future of marketing and communication is more digital than ever, but also more focused on people. Your customer experience must be at the centre of everything.

It’s a fact that very few of the agencies founded back in 1988 have survived the many upheavals that have brought us to the digital age. But Propage did. We did this while remaining current, inspired and connected to new technologies. We did this by constantly developing our design expertise, but also because of our keen business sense. And while many have only momentarily “surfed” on one of the many technological waves, we have guided our clients throughout the journey without ever changing course: helping B2B companies to sell more and to sell better.

We have amassed three decades of expertise in our collective memory for the benefit of our customers and their growth. Our history has been marked by relevance. And our history makes us who we are.

The only way to get results in marketing is by tightening the bonds of cooperation between all things.


Propage wasn’t born yesterday, and for our customers, this is an asset. We owe our cooperative, sincere approach to our organization’s maturity and the wisdom acquired. We believe that humility is greater than arrogance. That the US has more value than any I. And if the world is full of people who need to shout to assert themselves, we’re clearly not one of them. Because in our mind and always, it’s the client’s need that takes precedence, not ours. This is why we never approach a project with the intention of “selling” ideas, but rather with that of generating results.

Rather than creating without thinking about tomorrow, we prefer to build the future with our customers. Our history is marked by loyalty. And our story makes us who we are.

Regardless of their role, every client wants results and increased growth for their business.

No communication strategy exists today without a website. Digital tools related to websites are more powerful and accurate than ever, but certainly less than they will be tomorrow. For companies, the challenge of keeping up to date is therefore both immense and essential to their growth. We remain by your side so that you accomplish this with convincing results. We are constantly pushing our ability to convert the information collected into leads and then into actual sales. Our method is structured and systemic, without ever losing sight of your objectives and your business model.

We don’t chase creative prizes. Rather, we have a drive to achieve convincing results for our clients. Performance is rooted in our history. And our history makes us who we are.